Better protection during unpredictable times.



Rest easy knowing that you're covered for life's surprises. For only $264/year your Resident Shield will cover charges:
  • Resident-caused damage to the exterior of the apartment building and/or property.
    • Fire, flood, explosion, etc.
  • Resident-caused damage to the inside of your apartment beyond normal wear & tear
    • Holes in the wall, damaged appliances, broken furniture, plumbing back-ups
Resident Shield will not cover:
  • Damages exceeding $500
  • Liability in excess of $100,000
  • Unpaid rent & fees
  • Unpaid utilities
  • Personal property damages or losses

Your Lease Requirements
Resident Shield is required by Oxford West upon lease signing or lease renewal. Resident Shield takes the place of a traditional security deposit and is non-refundable.
The Resident Shield will not cover your personal property.
For personal property coverage, explore our preferred partner's packages:
Cocoon Personal Property Coverage

If you have any questions about Resident Shield, please contact the Resident Shield helpdesk at 973-969-3026